One-Walled Prison

Wait, was my responsibility your fear?

Why did you anoint me high above this bewildering sphere?

How is such a thing even purposefully given?

No! I do not accept it. It’s not to be driven.

If God wanted to hurt you or make you flee.

He wouldn’t use a soul as broken as me.

I’m a bucket of parts after a violent crash.

I’ll not accept credit for this fortuitous clash.

I desire to be more than a struggling potter.

It’s all I can do to overcome this totter.

So I offer a task to help you heal.

Stop anointing beggars who struggle for meals.

And stop giving power to simple men.

You mold them, make them, then throw out their tin.

For the blaze has created a new creature in me.

Larger than a king’s decree, more vast than the endless sea.

The only thing that’s changed is time’s marked erosion.

Which I accept with a smile, an existence frozen.

So leave here today and rethink what you do.

Because one-walled prisons provide a dreadful view.