Our Grace Cup Isn’t Endless

So, today our family attended our first “puppy party”, an actual party for puppies. Yep, it was actually a lot of fun. There was a puppy treat truck there that provided yummy treats for the pups. They even had cake and ice cream for the pups (obviously some sort of pup-friendly ice cream).

This particular park, Red Mountain Park, also hosts a dog park. It’s a lot of fun to see pups run around and mingle. It’s always a blast. Well, not always. There was this one time, today actually (literally 8 hours ago) where a trip to the dog park went terribly, terribly wrong for us. When I say, “us”, I really mean me because my son who has special needs and struggles mightily with comprehension decided it was acceptable to pull his pants down in the middle of the dog park and take a poop of his own. His reasoning? Well, who really knows because there’s that whole comprehension challenge, but he verbalized his reasoning as: 1) There was no restroom close by; and 2) Big boys aren’t supposed to poop in their pants.

Of course, the dog park wasn’t empty. There was another friend and neighbor of ours there. Oh, there was also a group of about five strangers mingling and of course Xavian (our son) decided he needed to walk over close to the strangers to go poop. As I ran toward him with terror in my eyes as I saw it all unfolding, the strangers graciously just sort of slowly moved away from him, not without strange looks of course, but we’re sort of used to that at this point, so whatever.

Wow, so at this point, amid my embarrassment, frustration, and utter confusion, there was only one thing to do. Show him grace and show him love. I continued to teach him in hopes that we will have comprehension breakthroughs along our journey. Also, I’ve gotten to the point where in situations like this, I really don’t care what other people think. Well, I do, but I don’t (know what I mean?) and as much as I want to respect and love people, I have to admit that my proverbial guns are loaded to defend our son and our situation. Of course, most of all, my heart broke for him, a nine year old boy who didn’t understand that he shouldn’t have done that. My thoughts, which are almost always future-based, have to come back and deal with present tragedies sometimes. Luckily for me and the strangers today, nothing was said verbally, although a momentary judgmental stare was met with my own louder, more intense stare and the situation didn’t escalate. More good for them than me because I gave my son every bit of grace I had and quite frankly that’s how it is sometimes these days.

Anyway it was a tough day, but I’m proud of myself for handling the situation like a champ when I was cold, wet, and frustrated. I think our dog had a great time, and the kids all had a great time too, so cup half full scenario right?

It was a good day. Not all days go exactly like we want. Life is truly a matter of perspective more often than not.