Prison Bubble

When in the snap of a finger, I am gone, I will be waiting for you, instantly. Out there, beyond that great big something… a sky… an atmosphere… a world. I’ll be there. In fact, I’m already there and you are there too, but we are also here, existing in time.

One might ponder how we exist in and out of time simultaneously. I would simply opine that if we are to ever exist outside this invisible, but powerful jet stream we call time, that we concurrently exist outside of time, but we are here, nonetheless. I consider it logical.

So, perhaps I will wait somewhere in between, beyond the sea and space unseen. Travel quickly to the edge of our arena, to another realm where you’ll find my trace. Burst through that bubble they call Interstellar Space, where you’ll likely find me learning infinitely more about grace. The search will be boundless.

This was fun, but we’re so restrained. We exist in prisons upon prisons disguised as pain. I look forward to breaking out and realizing all the possibilities. No wonder they never come back. Why would they when they are so free? I don’t think I will want to either. Nor you.

I understand you’ll have tears and that’s OK, but they’re unnecessary. Envy may be a more appropriate emotion, for you. I’ll have plenty to tend to. If I consider every scenario, it’s unlikely I’ll look back on this bubble prison, but I will be out there. Exploring. Discovering. Like the rest of them, also, waiting.

You just have to find me.