Restricted Area

In this dream, my wife and I were at a large sporting goods store. We visited this store twice during the dream. During the first visit, we were chauffeured through a large lobby area that seemed more like a hotel than a sporting goods store. We were then taken into the area where the sporting goods were.

The next thing I know we were in a different place. It was a tropical place. We were inside this hut that was located on a river or large body of water. The hut had a thatched roof. There was a long walkway that ran from the street to the river. That’s how you got into the hut. I recognized this place as somewhere I have been before. The real place is more of an American style fishing camp house and it is located in the marsh near New Orleans, Louisiana. I visited this place with a group from work over 14 years ago. I don’t remember what we were doing in this hut in the dream, but we were certainly expending a fair amount of energy with whatever we were doing. Also, this hut looked a bit different than the actual place that I visited many years ago.

The next thing I know we’re walking back into the sporting goods store, only this time we entered from another door, one that was more typical of walking into a Dick’s Sporting Goods or Academy Sports. As we walked in, we had to turn a corner to get where we were going. As we turned this corner, I slipped and fell. I then played it off like I meant to go down as I made it appear that I was trying to pickup something off the floor. At this point, my middle child appeared and was helping me pretend that I didn’t really slip down. A bizarre moment indeed.

After that, my wife and I walked to the back of the store where it seemed that we were free to do whatever we wanted. There were employees walking around, but they didn’t pay us any attention. The fire alarm was going off and they were trying to shuffle people out of the store, but they ignored us. I had to use the restroom, so I walked into the back. The employees didn’t seem to care that we weren’t leaving the store. It gave me a sense of guilt followed by a feeling of power and control.

As we began to go into other areas of the store where customers weren’t permitted, I woke up. Boo.