Ristretto Raucous

The day started somewhat normally. I had an early meeting with a customer, which usually means I stay home to work because I can control my environment, however I needed to get out of my house in the worst way this morning, so I headed out early and visited one of my favorite coffee shops in Birmingham. In fact, I visited the one which is almost always very quiet and chill.

You can probably guess what happens, but I’ll tell you anyway. That’s right, Murphy showed up. MURPHY! I can’t stand that guy.

Right before my meeting started, the coffee shop began to fill up with people. It was almost inconceivable how many people were filling this place mere moments before I had to join a phone call with a customer and attempt to troubleshoot an issue on their system.

By the time the meeting started, there were people everywhere. One group in particular consisted of around 12 people, and they… were… LOUD! They were so loud, in fact, that I gathered all my things and scurried to a table outside, where there were two tables located right next to one another.

For the next two minutes, I was able to hear the customer. They were able to hear me. It was Heaven… but some things just aren’t meant to be. “Here they come”, I begrudgingly whispered to myself. In a twist of fate, the loud, obnoxious group of 12 slowly and loudly made their way out the door, around the corner, and to the table right next to me. There were only four chairs at this table, so why this table? I… have… no… idea! The vast spaces outside could not even contain the resounding roar of this boisterous bunch. Oh, and as if things weren’t bad enough, a few of them began smoking, which I’m not judging them (smoke them if you’ve got them right?), but cigarette smoke makes my eyes water, makes my throat hurt, and makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I needed an escape plan. I would get up and just go back inside. The only problem is that I was to deep into the call with the customer, so I had to just tough it out. The loud group didn’t stay too long and soon were replaced by regular smokers who were just regular loud, so I finished my call and casually walked back inside and sat at a table. Ironically, this was the table I wanted to sit at when I first arrived, but couldn’t because some guy who glared at me was sitting there. Apparently he was really hungry. I don’t know.

I guess it all worked out in the end, but my blood pressure was elevated for sure!

Next time I’ll probably just stay home.