River of Regret

A river of regret rolls down her face.

As this crater of truth stands in the way.

Chest tightens up and breathing pronounced.

Beautiful colors now stifled in gray.

Years ago discernment was keen.

As she pointed to darkness which then became light.

Glowing brightly as she floated by.

Declining to recognize her celestial rite.

A compromise of self and a settlement of soul.

Disguised, as the goblin grips with fear.

Depicting rays of light and fields of gold.

Which quickly fade from the illusionist sneer.

Fast forward to many weeks passed.

Where incoherence majestically rules.

The vapors diffuse through body and soul.

Consequently revealing regretful stool.

What was once conceived as a priceless gem.

Now sorely misshapen in a hopeless case.

Perplexed and bewildered in muddling dispair.

A river of regret rolls down her face.