Sapphire Sphere

Baby blue sky backs an over-protective sphere.

Those far away see what I see near.

A billion others share this same restraint.

Think about it too much. Light-headed. Faint.

Clouds scamper by with jet plane propulsion.

Gaseous haze diffuses from a liquid immersion.

I see a bear and a dragon. Shapes all around.

Distant perspectives present creepy clowns.

Next level down a tree reaches out.

It makes no movement in a stubbornness pout.

A knot looks out with suspicious eyes.

Paralyzing my movements. Nature’s spy.

Lush green grass so soft on my spine.

Abstract anomalies abound in my mind.

Lying so motionless, you’d think I was dead.

Imagination erupting on this floating bed.

As I contemplate the vapors that fade right by.

I wonder if we envy the same sapphire sky.

Calm, as we occupy only a few feet of earth.

Makes us feel so small. Makes us question our worth.