Societal Trope

Who are we that we can leave another person in anguish and despair, hurting?

Leave them broken and in shambles after they’ve plummeted from a great wall?

How do we turn our backs and focus our eyes elsewhere while their heart lies spurting?

Walk away proudly, thinking about our next endeavor as they lie forlorn and stupefied after the fall?


Do we really know that someone is hurting and helpless and offer not even a word?

Or double-back repeatedly to ensure they know they’ve not been abandoned or forgotten?

Do we not tend to our own needs so that we can heal? Is our heart and soul connection somehow this detached?

How can we let the wounds of others fester with excruciating pain while their perseverance turns rotten?


If what we are doing yields nothing, then what ARE we called to do and why are we here?

In war, do we leave our fatigued, wounded soldiers on the battlefield to die?

Then why, in this endless daily battle, do we leave our wounded to fend alone in hopes they’ll vanish?

Are we not able to shift the spotlight from ourselves to ensure that everyone thrives?


Can we not ascertain that they are not in need while we place our own crises on hold?

What are we that we can dine comfortably while others slowly starve or eat from the steaming trash?

Should we not exhaust our every resource to help our brothers and sisters from turning to mold?

Have we lost the essence of our very existence? Have we genuinely become so brash?


The church folk preach love while they watch these atrocities unfold from their couch, lifting not even a finger.

The secular crowd focuses on the Earth while ignoring the pain, smiling in their one way mirrors all the same, while they cope.

Here we are, all of my questions unanswered. Bound to this conveyor belt void of existence as we blindly loiter.

So, how do we mobilize hope? And how do we shed this addiction to comfort? “Love Your Neighbor”, it seems, is but a trope.