Soul Famished

I fought hard to understand inconceivable actions.

That felt like an ousting from an exclusive faction.

As the emotional pain struck each insufferable blow.

I felt the coruscating spotlight in an interrogative troll.

I felt betrayed as my worth abruptly vanished.

My heart in despair. My empty soul famished.

That impotent feeling of burdened intuition.

Left me naked and exposed, an impossible mission.

Stress cup overflowing began to burst at the seams.

MY GOD, MY GOD wake me from this agonizing dream.

But I endorsed your name to keep the peace.

And traded my reprieve for an arduous lease.

So if that’s the way it has to be my dear.

Then prepare your heart, you’ll see my tears.

If we pass each other in the pouring rain.

And you sense a familiar aura… well, it’s me… carrying your pain.