Soul Shower

Watching rain fall in diagonal sequence.

Wondering what future it brings.

Lifeless dust layered on my arid skin.

As liquid pitter-patter washes me clean.

I wanna know. Have you ever seen the rain?

Wash away the misery in a smoldering mess.

Have you ever felt such dreadful pain?

Melancholy memories now suppressed.

The remaining sludge is quite restrictive.

As I try to move but am paralyzed.

Where once I was clean, I’m now withdrawn.

Cemented in silt as they auscultate my cries.

But the shower returns as it dives to the earth.

I stand in an alley and receive it well.

Shower me fully! I yell out to God.

The grit and the grime are an agonizing hell.

Now sterilized again so the dirt is gone.

My vision returns as I see right through her.

But set your clock, for it won’t be long.

I’ll soon be dragged through the mud and manure.