Space Waves

So many think that the Earth spins slowly

Like a turtle, sleuth, or roly poly.

As the days drag on like a boring vexation

The years affect us with little causation.

Reality tells of this roundabout of death

A thousand miles per hour, can’t catch a breath.

Constant motion shows an eerie truth

Spinning through space seems so uncouth.

Our sun seems annoyed, so yellow and sour

As we circle its face at sixty-seven thousand miles per hour.

But not so fast, there’s a bit of a twist

The sun’s own gravity caused all of this.

But the Sun’s not alone, Jupiter lurks

Protecting us from comets, those icy jerks.

The gas giant’s size can cause climate change

But the separation makes us feel so estranged.

Thirty billion planets in our Milky Way

Seems inconceivable. What can you say?

But the Hubble doesn’t lie as it magnifies

A Peeping Tom who orbits high above our skies.

Knowing all this should open your mind

Don’t box yourself in. Don’t be so blind.

Sometimes the truth can be so subjective

But you’ll find the answers. Keep shifting perspectives.