Fire Breathing Cat

That’s What Ya Get

Invisible boundary breached

I’m not ninja

She crafted me a tool

I’m binoculars, he holds me. Look!

Now he sees what she wants

That’s what ya get

You got me bub?

She commanded he pounce.

Not the shackles he wanted

Shake it off! Get it off me!

He wants no part! These bees!

Tasks at hand take top spot.

He does not care! All beware

That’s what ya get!

Her tip toe dance so graceful

Hide away, girl at play, puppet master.

She wants to scream

But they don’t hear

She screams away, another day

Where did he go? Where is everybody?

Tells her girls. Clones!

Delegated death stare

But I already knew

She should have gone for my head!

Because my heart can shatter

And I will go on

Snarl girl, snarl at me.

That’s what ya get!

Let it out. Stress relief. No more grief.

Scream, girl. Scream your voice away.

Hit me so hard. Feel better now!

That’s what ya get!