The Cowardly Lion

This dream started in a somewhat rural area that seemed to be getting primed for some sort of development. Sad, I know. I hate seeing trees cut down. There has to be some sort of sin in cutting down a tree. I wish the Lorax would come down and kick someone’s buttocks!! Anyway, the dream started on an old dirt road. I can see it vividly, but there wasn’t really much going on. Nothing exciting was happening here.

To keep this blog post short and to get to the good stuff, I’m going to just skip the boring part about hanging out in the countryside.

At some point, I was in a large home of some sort. This home was up on a hill on beautiful piece of land with a lake and everything you would imagine with a large cabin. It reminded me of a place where large groups take retreats.

There were quite a few people there. We were in a room that was setup for some sort of conference. There were lots of chairs and people began filling the room. There were three sections. I was sitting on the far right of the left-most section (if you’re facing the podium).

Just as the speaker was about to start speaking, I noticed something strange outside. I noticed three men with hoodies running alongside the building. I was immediately concerned. I began thinking about what we needed to, but then all at once, it went down. Before I knew it, the men were inside the building and they were proceeding in a threatening manner. They all had hand guns. I wanted to act immediately, but there was nowhere to go. It was too late! “Damn!”, I said to myself in aggravation.

The first man ran over to the right-most section. The second man went to the right side of the center section and proceeded to the back row, adjacent to where I was sitting. The third man positioned himself in front of the left-most section. This was the section in which I was seated.

Out of nowhere the man located at the back of the center section began firing his gun. My initial reaction was to get out of there, so oddly enough I grabbed an elderly, heavier lady who was seated directly to the right of me, I used her as a shield as I attempted to crawl away from the chaos. She was heavy and it was a struggle. I positioned my body under here as I pulled her, much like a life guard would pull someone who they were saving.

The dream ended somewhat abruptly, but the feeling I was left with was one of extreme guilt. I had used an elderly lady as a shield, so that I wouldn’t die. I can’t think of a more cowardly act honestly. I awoke feeling scared, terrible, and guilty, almost to the point of nausea. I can’t remember a worse feeling I’ve had after a dream.