The Furry

The furry searches for food.

But finds nothing in this baron place.

All dried up. Not a nibble around.

Heart now beating at a snail’s pace.


She stumbles upon mysterious eyes.

But so inviting in this wretched realm.

Do you have food she cries aloud.

Emotions build to a sudden whelm!


Now full and resting, she loses the frown.

That has plagued her since that point in time.

When instincts took hold and wouldn’t let go.

And survival became an uphill climb.


But the wolf lurks with an oppressing vigil.

And seizes the joy from this furry soul.

You mustn’t eat or accept relief.

Are these strangers not merely disguising trolls?


So lessons learned and instruction clear.

We must tread lightly in this theater of pain.

But what else can I do but loiter near.

And keep watch for terror, as I stroke my mane.