Cool Long Hair Bike Guy

I went to The Red Cat at Pepper Place this morning. I love saying that, “THE RED CAT… at… PEPPER PLACE.” Sounds cool. Anyway, I go there when I can’t focus. I’m not sure if it’s the relaxing mood or the big oak trees out front or the awesomeness of Megan and Matt behind the counter (love those two and the others), but I “get my concentrate on” there.

I have a favorite seat there. It’s a high table located on the far wall, close to the couch and lounge chairs, but somewhat isolated. My dream is that I walk in and they have it reserved for me. That hasn’t happened yet. Today however, I was awarded my favorite seat upon entering. I was so excited. At some point, a guy rode up on a really cool street bike. By bike I mean bicycle, not motorcycle. He had long hair and jean shorts on and did not wear a helmet. Why would you with hair like that? He was very thin but muscular (my favorite build) and just looked like a really cool guy. Even the way he walked was cool. The speed at which he walked was cool. This may have been the coolest guy I’d ever seen. At some point after he came in, got coffee and sat down with his computer, I found myself staring at him in amazement of his coolness. He looked up at me at some point and his reaction was even cool. It was sort of like… “sup” with the slightest of head nods. It’s like I was in a Fabio commercial or something, only I was the naive girl watching Fabio (heeeyyyy wait a minute!).

Anyway, it made the day fun. Cool Long Hair Bike Guy was awesome! I got a ton of work done. I was able to stay there from 8a until 3p without people-burn-out, although a group of ladies did bring their office meeting to the couch and chairs. There must have been 30 of them. There were only 5 of them, but it felt like 30 because they were so close to me, like 25 feet away.

You begin to understand my struggles don’t you.