Lonely Song

Write some code. Check the tweets. What’s on FB. Rinse repeat.

A day in my life. My pains not gone. It hasn’t left.

Is this what they mean by mental health?

Frustration, then sadness it’s all about pain.

I hear that song and I’m overcome.

Tears, then I’m fine. More tears! No I’m fine.

My very own prison and she’s got the key.

I can’t get out. She’s trapped me here.

Does she even know? Does she even care?

But how do I escape my utter mess. Do my best?

We tell our kids to let God do the rest.

Does she think this is a joke? I never laughed.

Did I cause this pain or was it sabotage? Did she protect her wounded heart?

I can’t fix this one, so I give up, but the pain does not. It presses on.

Just pain, pain, pain and more pain. More tears, oh no.

I look down and let out a sigh. Maybe they will not see.

That’s all I have. I’ve got no more.

Another day. In my cage. Trapped. I can’t breathe. I can’t see. My friend still gone.

I’m dead to her.

What a lonely song.