Smiling Down

Who was he to you? I have not a clue.

But I know it hurts. I feel it too.

A friend. A bud. You loved him. He cherished you.

You’ll meet again though. In Heaven one day.

Not in time. Not in space, but in a place. We can’t see right now.

You’ll see him. He’ll see you. A momentary stare.

The shock of it all will be so great.

But you’ll begin to walk his way. And he to you.

The embrace will explode with love so bold.

Your pain is gone. You left it on Earth. It feels so great!

Your friendship I lost, but this promise we share.

As believers together. Our eyes gaze high.

I hope to meet him too and embrace him as if I knew.

I hope he knows my name. I’m sure he is great.

I share your pain. My tears cannot lie and neither I.

Why do I cry for you? I have no idea. I sense the pain. It’s so clear.

But back to him. He’s reading this.

He’s smiling now. He sees my heart. He knows it’s true. He loves you.

He’s looking down on us. He’s smiling down on you.