Security Solution

My boosted intuition, excessive information.

Emotional pain night after night.

Locked away on a grace citation.

As you’ve observed keenly, just in plain sight.


What I learned last night.

Is your fear has no name.

I deflected the smite.

But absorbed all the blame.


Avoiding control.

I took it in stride.

Protection so bold.

Repetitious guide.


I know self-confidence is not your friend.

And anxiety and fear cause self-doubt.

But the greatest gift is peace within.

So love them all and leave no one out.


Your network of friends offer you trust.

And help you make up your mind.

There’s no need for belligerent fuss.

Or defensive reaction to me being kind.


I’m just expressing my feelings, being a four.

Trust me, there are no tricks.

You’re just being secure, testing my notion.

Seeking certitude, the life of a six.


I feel your conflict and I know you’re here.

An impulsive whim and you check on me.

You inject trepidation to silence your fears.

Internally conspiratorial as it may be.


You are loved in a sisterly way.

By this brother in Christ.

And I hope that these words will naturally weigh.

Heavy on you, as I leave this authority of ice.


So, I’ve got no plans, there’s nothing to do.

I just wanna be loved. For you there’s no onus.

But I get it now. It’s a security solution.

Anything I receive from you, will be a blessing and a bonus.