The Stare

Today I sat alone pondering it all.

From where did we begin to how will we fall.

The deeper I went into the abyss of my mind.

The more I existed outside of time.

I must have looked crazy as the epiphanies came.

Staring at the wall… or people… or a window frame.

Sorry everyone, please trust I’m not crazy.

Possibilities and theories can make things hazy.

But if you’re struggling a bit right this minute.

Then sit down with me. Let’s dive down it.

And if you say no, then that’s okay too.

I’ve cleared it with logic and I’m here for you.

Now two at my table for goodness sake.

The other one is me and his loving heart aches.

Foreheads wrinkled in unpretentious prayer.

I’m sitting right here, but I’m sitting over there.

So when we figure it out, there’s one way to know.

You’ll see me smile. Then you’ll see us both go.

I hope when we’re gone we’ve left a mysterious air.

As you’ve witnessed the depth of this existential stare.