Time as an Ally

I hide away in this magical cave.

Where time stands still and I’m always brave.

A place of peace and energy saved.

No digital defecation or early graves.


An entrance marked by glowing light.

Fully accessible, but not clearly in sight.

A deep dive ascension feels so right.

In the heat of day or the calm of night.


But you won’t find it, it’s only for me.

And I don’t mean that as a selfish decree.

It’s just my spiritual realm where others can’t be.

Not physically, mentally, or for an indecent fee.


The thieving minotaurs simply can’t follow.

As I walk up the steps of my cave so hollow.

Certainly a fact that’s hard to swallow.

But there’s an abundance of mud if you choose to wallow.


Finally I’m in peace on this mossy bed.

Free of pain and absent of dread.

Thoughts now move freely through my head.

Void of pain with joy newly wed.