Tin Can Phone

In this dream I was at some type of sporting event. It seemed like a mix between basketball, soccer, and something completely barbarian. I didn’t fully understand the rules or what was going on (much like when I get a glimpse of a soccer or futball match). I recognized one of the players as a guy that I knew back in high school and college. I didn’t know him very well, but back in high school I distinctly remember a good friend of mine getting him confused with another friend of mine, but being so confident that he had the right person. Comical.

At some point this friend from back in the day made some spectacular shot and the crowd went crazy.

After that event, I was transported to what seemed like an abstract version of my childhood home and immediate surroundings. One major difference is that the surroundings (the neighborhood if you will) were much more vast with much higher elevation. Also, the buildings were much nicer and more modern with lots of windows.

Across the street in my good friend’s (still today) house were a couple of friends. I can’t identify one of them, but the other friend was a friend from college who I was in Computer Science school with. The interaction escapes me, but there was some form of child-like interaction between us as they stayed in my friend’s old home while I was at my old home. I can best describe the interaction as a kid’s phone. This was not a kid’s phone like the one from my other dream, rather it was one with a can on each end connected by a string, only the string was extremely long. I believe this is referred to as a tin can telephone and was popular in the early 1900s. It stretched from my old home all the way up to my friend’s old home, which in this abstract version seemed many miles away.

These friends and I were working together on solving some problem. I just can’t see the details of exactly what we were doing.

I’m sure it will come to me later.