Too Many Moons

Hello old friend, you’ve traveled so far

I’m sure your frigid feet ache intensely

Can I get you food or drink or warmth?

May I feel your discomfort immensely.

Did the waterfall jaunt offer you spiritual bliss?

Were the green pools clear like crystals?

Did the fresh forest smell ignite your spirit?

Transporting you far beneath the superficial?

Please talk to me love and comfort my angst

Your powerful vibe gleams intoxicating

Speak light through wisdom and truth in the cold

My anxious heart longs to feel you pulsating.

I see you’ve morphed from an ambitious young soul

Into an enlightened, forbearing, wise old master

And you chose to traverse mystic lands to find me

Evading trolls and orcs and natural disasters.

But it seems you have waited too many moons

I have changed into someone you cannot know

And my emotions have all been turned into stone

Your past gift of agony has been fully bestowed.