Toxic Lindane

You met me at a time when I wasn’t me.

So I don’t blame you for your decree.

It’s just… I’m a person, much more than a flea.

I’m not a detainee. I desire to be free.


When we first met, I bought your pain.

The sadness. The hurt. The utter disdain.

But it began to destroy me like acid rain.

Then slowly embalm me with toxic lindane.


As time dragged on it got no better.

The tears. The pain. The unsent letters.

They eat at me like some sort of tetter.

Every breathe, each step, I’m bound by your fetter.


You’ve taken from me, whether you like it or not.

But you cannot take credit for me escaping this rot.

As I continue to pay you this nonsensical scot.

These tangled emotions stay bound in a knot.