True Friends

Today was rough.

I could go into detail about why today was rough, but I’ll spare you the discomfort. There’s just so much going on with me. Most of it is in my mind, but some of it is in the sensory world. I can count on one hand the people who truly understand this (and me) AND know how to respond to and help me. People who have tried to help me have only made my situations worse. It’s so sad, but even more so, it’s frustrating.

I’ve stopped asking people for help. I’ve stopped trusting people (in general). It’s probably better this way. The group of people who seem most willing and capable of helping me are on Twitter (“my Twitter fam” as I call them). There are a few in the church who want to help (and they do help through prayer), but people in the church helped create this mess, so forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical of people right now and don’t give them a pass just because they go to church.

I’m thankful for my very few true friends who feel connected enough to me, to not just spend a minute helping me, but to actually walk with me daily. They not only understand me, but they actively and consistently engage in helping me. I actually have a couple friends who do this and I can’t express enough gratitude for them. This is one of the major components in my life that makes me want to see tomorrow.

So, I’m sure tomorrow will be good, but today sucked. That’s all.