Two Good Reasons

I would have protected you

From your desires

Dropped a kilo of water

On your burning fire.

To have a friendship

Till the end of days

With someone who fathoms

My distinctive haze.

But so many moons

Have set on the plain

Do you have regrets?

Was it worth the pain?

While others advised me

To hide in a cave

Without even looking

Pass go and don’t stay!

But when I withdrew

There were two good reasons

Protect your heart

Respect your freedom.

I thought that was ample

Tucked away in my hole

But the bombs started dropping

As your heart grew so cold.

A mistaken identity

A misshapen ideal

Intuition-gifted truths

For now tightly sealed.

As I found the facts

In the eyes of your sun

Black tunnel little vision

Dark feelings come undone.