Web of Space

This dream began with my wife and I hanging out with some old friends. We were on a plain at very high altitude. We were in a convertible car, but the color, make, and model escape me. We were at a drive-in theater, but it looked nothing like a drive-in theater, rather more like a dark alley. I’ve never owned a convertible in my life. The mood was awkward as we haven’t hung out with these friends in ages and even when we did, it was always a bit awkward. In the dream, I remember them trying to get us to do something we weren’t comfortable doing. Then it happened…

A couple we don’t really care for showed up in their own convertible, wearing sunglasses at night. They rolled up slowly and arrogantly, as if they owned the joint. They certainly did not own that joint! They parked right next to us, as if they were daring us to leave. What followed was an intense stare down between myself and the male representative from the other couple. I wouldn’t be broken, but neither would he. Eventually, however his wife could take no more. She urged him to leave. She pulled at his shirt and pleaded with him. She wept, as tears streamed down her face. She folded.

As soon as they left, we left. My decision. They were quickly out of sight, so we followed. I stood up on the passenger’s seat, and leaped out of our convertible over the cliff edge. An adrenaline rush for sure as I quickly realized I had web-slinging abilities! I was able to fly from building to building, or in this case from the top of this plain down atop the buildings in the city.

As I made my way down from the plains, around the cliffs, and toward the city, another web-slinger appeared. I didn’t know him, but there seemed to an air of familiarity, not without a sense of great tension however. We stared at each other intently as we both clung to the side of our respective cliffs, then we exchanged pleasantries and he departed. Who was this masked man, who also possessed spider-like abilities?

Next thing I knew, I was back on solid ground, in a village square. The streets all around were dark and asleep and the masked man was nowhere in sight. It was late. There was an ill-lit shop near where I stood. Somehow I knew it was a shop. It was closed during that late hour. For some reason I needed to get into the shop, but I couldn’t get in. I began looking for ways in, eliminating options one by one, until there were no more options. Even my web-slinging abilities offered no path for a way in. This was no shop. It was an impenetrable fortress, inside of which lived powerful secrets. I was sure of it.

Eventually, I became dejected and frustrated, I felt hopeless. I watched myself slowly walk down a foggy, dark city street, passing street light after street light, until I was gone, out of sight, only to awake from this dream with the utmost feeling of despair.