Where Clouds Go

I saw a bird fly overhead today. The wind had authority.

Then the urgency of the clouds grabbed my mind.

This fascination for freedom reigned down on me.

As the clouds moved swiftly by.


I can be the bird if embrace such a path.

I can even walk away. A great escape.

From these shackles that confine and tie me down.

The expense of freedom. An ounce of energy. Otherwise trapped in a prison of decay.


So, what is love to you? Is it merely a physical designation?

And how do you measure free will?

If you show me your soul when opportunity asks.

Then I’ll bless you with time just the same. A gift to help you heal.


There’s just this riddle that knocks at my door. It goes something like this.

To where does the wind blow with such conviction?

And does it get tired of this merciless march?

A search for soul is such an affliction, an addiction… an existential contradiction.


Inside my mind exists an infinite world where time is not a fan.

A travesty! A farce! Such a hard pill to swallow.

This infinity bound to a finite burn.

For where the clouds go I simply cannot follow.