Your Box

Something happens and you see only a box. Face value is invaluable to you, so you assume you see something, perhaps a fox. You act with dexterity, but the joke is on you.  Ignorance reigns. Face value to me is quite indignant.

You think you’re helping but your actions miss the mark. Not even close. Not even a spark. This is the result when you, instead of listening, only try to understand yourself. This is why you fail. This is your box.

Here’s a clue. Ask a question or ten. If you lack intuition then be more assertive and try to understand. But don’t assume you know a thing. Chances are you’re as wrong as rain. You are. I’m actually not sure I can even explain. I can’t, not in a language you can easily understand at least.

Instead of focusing on your box, try something new. Blink twice… then look all around. There are piles of possibilities. That’s where you should spend your time, your energy, if you want to help me. So, don’t pray for me Argentina. The possibilities tell truths. Welcome to my arena. 

A final thought. Open the eyes of your mind. Turn the key. Listen closely for the click. Remove the locks. Do me a favor. Open.. your box.