Chin High

I know you’ve been through hell girl, I can’t imagine.

When life suddenly turns to bitter sage from the sweetest jasmine.

And all they tell you is: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

With empathy absent, eyes on themselves, and advice so brawn.

But I’d swim in those treacherous waters that tried to drown you.

To discern those tarrying wounds I can see right through.

When the death bullets scream, please get behind me.

I’ll take each hit. I’ll bleed the blood. I’ll absorb their spree.

You are the champion, crowned by your courage of this black and blue life.

You’ve thwarted the fear, no doubt, and you’ll conquer the strife.

So, please hug my ghost so tightly. Feel it in your bones.

Spirit connections forged stronger than steel. Indelible undertones.

And when that relentless regret rages and roars with all it’s might…

And it will… Look for the blinking star. That’s me. Chin high. Also, fighting the fight!