Soul Target

She will have to share my pain A basement bargain for all these games Scot free negligence in all its bliss Where shifty endeavors always miss. Dried up county once

Ghost Town

She built me up then left me stranded In a dusty dry deserted town I stayed put like a coward rejected With only a furious forlorn frown I conversed with

Oblivious Inquiry

She entered in at my lowest point Amid her struggles, hinging on joint A bond was built with braided strand But the illusion of strength is sometimes sand. Ever-present, when

Blood Moon

Indifferent Moon

I don’t know where our souls connect So I look to my heart to feel the effect. But my heart deceives me and litters lies Conceals the truth and clouds


Lost in a forest with three broken ribs I lie under ferns as I struggle to breathe Rain shower drizzle washes me clean Welts on my back glow bright and


Evanescent Reign

She sends her mignons to deal her death With stares of plasma and dragon’s breath. A holy roller coaster of a woman she sits Hold tight for the ride. Prepare

The Other Boy

I haven’t written much poetry lately. There’s a few reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that I’ve been busy publishing my first book. It’s titled The Other Boy:

Woman with Tattoo

Loss Littered

Stories hidden under ink-stained skin They come to life and jump right out Love and loss littered with gripping grief Telling tales of emotion that leave no doubt. Eyes so


Misplaced in Time

So far away she doesn’t seem real Even with logic the doubts still prevail I reach out to touch her but only feel pain Is this love, or torture, or


What If I Awoke

What if I awoke And it was all but a dream When I wandered sad and lost Where your pain placed no decree. What if my worth never lay Cold


Not a Stem Could Remain

They cultivated a compelling covenant Forcefully forged from respect received A special someone sought a salvation song Which required redemption from their angry seas. Feeling such soothing, sensational strength As


Society Rapes

Chills all over as Society rapes Hard knee on my neck Disbelief on my face. Murder feels in the air tonight Oh Lord please help us Flash of badge, then


Two Good Reasons

I would have protected you From your desires Dropped a kilo of water On your burning fire. To have a friendship Till the end of days With someone who fathoms


Synthetic Soot

They want me to break As they lie in wait They lay out their snares They empty their freight. But what they don’t know Is I see them there I’ve

Dive Deep

The Pulchritude of Pressure

Just to let ya know girl I had to let ya go girl Now my world has all the diamonds Now my world has all the pearls. But don’t be


Chess With Our Pain

I didn’t want to hurt you So I changed the game Withdrew to my cave Played chess with our pain. In moments of torment When emotions embraced I ran that


She Became Dirt

She became dirt As roots permeated what once was skin Arterial walls turned epidermic Past epidemic proportions as light drew thin. Her sweet taste of sugar Which formerly electrified my


Crashing Wave of Pain

That resolute crashing wave of pain That elusive sorrow gone for now So I wait for the next distinctive one Not knowing what, when, why or how. I’d not known

Hollow Man

Casual Capitulation

Can rash reality reboot reconciliation? Can we casually capitulate with no causation? It seems soul sisters have scribbled our sin Jotting jaded judgments with policy and pen. While irritating influencers

Girl on Peer


They voiced their disdain and deemed her flighty With pleas for placidity in a judgmental spree Lay down your munitions you myopic milksop As I urged the eyes of their

Sitting Alone

When Butterflies Ascend

She said she’d understand She said she’d be my friend But broken hearts can lie When butterflies ascend. When feelings make no sense They strike at speed of sound They


Down in a Pit

I know what it’s like to be down in a pit Spit on Shit on Told to go sit Face in a corner Nose on the wall Eyes to the


The Pain Was Me

She brought the pain But the pain was me I tried to run Can’t you see? I couldn’t escape Cause’ the pain was me I headed west For pacific seas


Bring the Key

You can carry the key in your jaded heart But the lock is affixed to my heavy chains Which are bound securely around this neck Forcing my fate, dipped in


All Your Rage

I want so much to understand you Assuredly there has to be a better way I visit a thousand conflicting perspectives Every disquieted, delicate, discouraging day! When this cycle spins