Control Conundrum

I’ve seen the ugly face of control!

It has a bony nose much like a troll.

A helpless longing to consume the soul.

It hides like the wolf, but can’t take hold.

Wrapped up like a sheep, most will not notice.

But the danger is there, though he smells like a lotus.

His control is impulsive with empty threats.

While he shakes and cowers in a dark, cold sweat.

Sitting sound from a distance, he’ll come at a fella.

But standing two feet from you, he’s nothing but yella.

I’ve seen the worker, the trucker, and the hipster edition.

Chocked full of denial and narcissism.

So, WHATCHA GONNA DO with a brother like that?

You can love em, hate em, or start up a chat.

But chatting can’t work with he who lacks grace.

And love em or hate em, he’ll spit in your face.

Back to control, because he’s the real bastard.

If he thinks he can’t own you, then he’ll show he’s a dastard.

Once he realizes you’re a rock he can’t tame.

He’ll publicly shame you and tear down your name.

While he wears all white and is perfectly groomed.

He’ll plot his next action. He’ll spread all his doom.