Ego Erected

I just needed a chum in the midst of a dispiriting climb

An iota of encouragement could have lasted all of time.

So I dropped to my knees with my spirit-man weakened

I bowed my head in disgrace like a dog who’d been beaten.

When I was struck from behind, I could hear the bones crack

I didn’t want to alarm her, so I took a step back.

When I came to my senses, one image projected

A cowardly wolf stood snarling with his ego erected.

With an injection of courage I gathered my might

And stared down this dastard, this piteous blight.

It was then when he realized he had picked the wrong clash

These wolves advance quickly, but retreat in a flash.

But that’s the life of a bully I suppose.

These effects that choose us are from the paths we chose.

So when that wolf in your life invades with aggression

Foil his advances. Flex your might. And fade his oppression!