Empty Town

I wonder what it really was as I abdicate!

With your fallacious argument spawning transparent perplexity.

Has grieving callused your bleeding heart?

Or have bygone transgressions wounded you?

It’s perfectly fine to deal as you please.

But the luck of the draw feels set.

Still loved you will be, by each of us.

Don’t believe the dissenting hype.

You can rise above that wretched stench.

You can have the coffee. It waits for you.

Tick tock. The days fill with hurt.

Tick tock. An empty town.

Tick tock. Dinner must be served.

Tick tock. The clock. Oh the clock. Please stop!

I wonder if embarrassment took hold.

With sadness disguised as paralysis.

Still we’ve accepted you here and there.

Even if two way mirrors only see one side.

So protect what you will, that which hurts you the most.

And when opportunities arise, rise above.

I wonder if you know the power of love.

So dance. And love. Love out of your mind.

For you were a blip with atomic concomitant.

Like the roach, survived, as the myth held true.