Grace Citation

Hi there friend, so here’s the deal.

You need to know how you made me feel.

Since you won’t communicate or offer respect.

And your wolf is a cowardly piece of a wreck.

First thing to know is I realize your deal.

Guess what, I’m an empath. I can’t help not to feel.

Things didn’t go the way you hoped they would.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still do good.

My peace offering was genuine not counterfeit.

But you imposed your scorn and threw me in a pit.

When I inquired about your feelings you reserved your rations.

You wrongfully convicted me while boasting compassion.

You kicked me down with a short-sighted claim.

Then raped my name, in an attempt to defame.

You secretly watched as I tried to heal.

And I’m sure if I was starving you’d plunder my meal.

I’ve said this before with no hesitation.

You’ve locked me away on a grace citation.

I’ve been in this prison for quite some time.

Treated like a criminal. Reduced to slime.

So as I ooze away with nowhere to go.

There’s just some truth you need to know.

Love is organic. It’s God in His glory.

He wants you to have it. He’s a fan of your story.

Those who blindly put their hearts on the line.

Are the ones you can trust. Their love is sublime.

But that type of love falls bigger and harder.

It crashes down fast. It stings so much sharper.

So move forward with confidence as you’re misunderstood.

But be gentle with souls who seek to do good.