These Clones

Like a dying planet, my heart aches.

Pounding, indescribably, words don’t exist.

My intuition is rendered useless.

And appears when my thoughts are, at present, committed.

These clones pursue me.

They single me out.

Their eyes pull me in like a tractor beam.

Feels so real I have no doubt.

I retreat. I hide. I tremble.

Then I awake. I emerge.

But where did they go?

Why did they leave?

Did I imagine it all?

These clones grabbed hold.

And wouldn’t let go.

Clutching my heart with a convincing stare.

With a look that howled. They wanted me there.

A resurrected ache. A throbbing breathe. A fractured heart.

So I lock away this rigid violation.

And offer grace from this silty transgression.

As the clones receive an adamant word.

The truth I know will be buried in dirt.