It Chases

This thing, it chases me. Everyday

It never stops moving, a mental ballet.

It chases the thoughts right into my mind

And once they are conquered. It continues to twine.

I can run through the meadow

I can run through the street

But it won’t stop pursuing. I can’t even eat.

I try to confront it, but it only yields dread

Of a future so bleak

The shoes of my mind are all out of tread.

It breaches my dreams with a contemptuous smile

After I plead, “GO AWAY!”

An invasion, so vile!

As it chases me past a wall of mirrors

I stop in an instant. The picture now clearer.

Then I see myself in a solitary stance

Nothing is chasing. Unaccompanied dance.

But I continue to run from this debilitating cyst

Like a twisting tornado.

It’s just me chasing me… through the dank, ghostly mist.