Oblivious Inquiry

She entered in at my lowest point

Amid her struggles, hinging on joint

A bond was built with braided strand

But the illusion of strength is sometimes sand.

Ever-present, when her love needed care

Aspirations of Norway, dreams of somewhere

Soulmate connection with fabricated rules

Ever-changing enigma, a contest of fools.

I returned to reality after a long, cold winter

To find him in frame, a shadowy figure

Someone she felt and touched all the same

Her new adventure, her alternate game.

Brakes locked up to drift right around

Skid marks on pavement, emotions on ground

Change of plans, reversal of pace

This sad soul neglected, fresh tears cover face.

Oblivious inquiry to my state of affairs

To my broken heart and my soul in despair

Off to the side, on my hands and knees

Out of her focus, unable to be.