Rusted Soon

In my head.

This greatness is dead.

It’s gone from me.

How can that be?

They’re 11, 9, and 7.

But I’m in a place.

Where they’ve all gone away.

The swings sit perfectly clean.

But what I see is covered in rust.

Their joyfulness. Their neediness.

It all feels empty and not present.

I know this place will look different soon.

As the tears begin to slowly brew.

Obstructing my mind. Obstructing my view.

As the blessings and pain intertwine.

Like a braid from a vine.

I realize we’re already gone.

At least I am, without a home.

My body is trapped in this circumstance.

But my mind is stuck in a far away trance.

That cannot be described to you or to me.

I simply can’t tell you what my mind can see.

The frustration of peering in front of me.

But wanting to reach. To touch. To hold. To see.


Now I am forced to close my eyes.

So I can see… beyond this life.