She Watches

She thinks about me all week long.

While he’s away. When he is gone.

But when he’s around, she disappears.

An empty heart. A burning ear.

She wants to see me all the time.

Her adoration is so sublime.

That focused stare I get from her.

A look of wonder. Her steady purr.

She knows my feelings run so deep.

She desires a glimpse. She craves a peek.

Wherever I go, she’s always there.

Not what I purchased! Buyer beware!

She lurks in the shadows just out of sight.

As I trek the asphalt night after night.

Then I see her see me, but she doesn’t know.

Like an addict strung out down at skid row.

She doesn’t realize I feel her presence.

As her illusion dubs me a complex excrescence.

But she’s fooled them all as they stand distracted.

While she pries at my heart for love extracted.

But if this is the life she needs right now.

My only move is to cope somehow.

For pain is the payment I’m meant to incur.

Whether by agony or anguish… or dying for her.