Soul Intubation

Stuck in this swirling pool of irritation.

No single day passes without “what-if” thought.

There’s no such thing as relaxing vacation.

Mind found a mystery, but bondage was bought.

Insignificant feeling pays for the pain.

One habitable planet cuts deep like a knife.

Only ones in the universe, wow, what a shame.

Feels so lonely, this restrained human life.

But the irritation doesn’t recede, it stays.

It sticks to the walls of my mind like molasses.

Their fancy words mean nothing. They fray.

Religion broadcast while heart plays assassin.

What needs to happen? It doesn’t matter.

Too many circle blocks with square peg holes.

Blood will still ache and arteries still splatter.

As subjective iniquity stills tears at my soul.

Years pass costively as I float through space.

Cold frigid nothing. No sound. No sun.

But thoughts can find answers in this boundless place.

Soul intubation imminent in three… two… one.