Wet Dog

You’re not allowed to speak.

Go on about your day.

You sick freak!

I’m gonna make you pay.

Your forgiveness I seek.

What did I say?

As I let out a muffled shriek.

I just want to stay.

They’re my pictures! How could you peek?

Now I have to hold you at bay.

Take this! And another one across your cheek!

It’ll be a cold day in hell, when rainbows are grey!

Perhaps my approach needs a tweak.

Every attempt turns into a fray.

Is the perception “danger” because I’m so unique?

Does she think I would ever stray?

Seriously man, why you gotta sneak?

Spreading yourself like a vile spray.

Like a wet dog, you totally reek!

I’m not a book for your public display.

The future I see is dark and bleak.

Must I really ask them to pray?

I feel fragile, broken, and weak.

Beaten down, will I find my way?