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Matt Hall INFJ
Matt Hall is an Enneagram 4 who loves psychology. Matt loves to express himself through creativity and enjoys writing deep, meaningful stories. Matt also has a passion for imagery and enjoys clean, beautiful aesthetics. Matt’s hobbies include creating, exercising, and spending time with family.


A vixen? A snake? A lady? Maybe. Jaded. Conditioned. Mighty. Quite likely. Mysterious. Magic. Dark. A shark? Pride? Love? Or hate? She rapes. It tears. It binds. It nips. It



Abandoned, in my time of need Left to walk alone. And they ponder my ghostly stride Gone. Now it’s way too late for them to atone. They pulled out their


A Kiss Overdue

I wanna free fall from a thousand feet Hit the ground so hard there’s nothing left Or get blasted into a fiery furnace Burn up in flames in a solar

Hand Puppet

Walk of Life

We traversed a great plain My pup and I. Saw God’s creation Cool fog fell from high. We passed a dead roach With broken heart disease. My pup sniffed his


How Blessings Look

I kneel down before you Our foreheads together Nothing else matters We’ve shed every fetter. Close your eyes friend Imagine the tragic Now watch the shapes shift It’s spiritual magic.

Shining Light

I’ll Be Somewhere

When it all goes down girl And you realize I’m the only one who cared Please come find me I’ll be there. You can pray to God Through our spiritual


Forlorn Caper

Watch me closely girl so you can decide Whether I’m worthy of your judgmental scorn. Either I pass your test or I’m filthy dirt Not worthy to be walked on


Spiritual Thing

Like it or not We’re now connected in some spiritual thing It’s deeper than you or I or any earthly spring. It’s more powerful Than admiration, love, or even lust

Girl and Sun

If She Only Knew

If she only knew my heart’s desire She’d know another had all my fire. And she could see my love in an accurate light Instead of sending a coyote to

Fire Breathing Cat

That’s What Ya Get

Invisible boundary breached I’m not ninja She crafted me a tool I’m binoculars, he holds me. Look! Now he sees what she wants That’s what ya get You got me

Wall of Tears

Dam of Tears

Took a hike today Cried like a baby Felt so damn good No black and white, just greys and maybe. Thought about the passing Of a beloved friend’s soul When

Creepy Trail

She Follows

I hike down the trail and she follows me there I see her ahead, I see her behind She’s everywhere I hear her voice I see that stare Judgmental scorn


They Don’t See

The present offers me cans. The future, wills While the past gave me should haves and plastic pills Disappointment, nausea, and painful feels. A bloody war between vengeance and humility

Citrus Sun

Cold Grave Scars

I peer ahead as the citrus sun sets With athletic shirt and jeans faded from sweat. I still feel your presence, it must be your mind Afraid I will go


Cold Kapok

I sat alone on the side of a road Left there to die. Left there to mold My eyes didn’t blink. My expressionless face Stared straight ahead hoping for an

Hate Hates Happy

Hate hates happy on a dimensional level Whether here or there or at some festive revel. He hovers after closing as he stalks and trawls Because no one I know

Alluring Beau

My friend Fletcher is a mysterious man He’s great with the ladies, has always a plan Not so reliable, but I understand He’s so damn gorgeous, a good looking man.

Foisted Fear

I won’t scarper anymore from your foisted fear As my tormenting treadmill keeps me near. The more I run, the more the belt turns Till eventually I fall with irrational


Why do you shut-in such a beautiful soul? Everyone admires you, I want you to know. Even the doubters who seemed not so loyal Chose you every time and anointed

Interstellar Inclination

I wish your stars would fall down to me Shine so brightly Move right through me. I wish your moon stayed full all the time Light my way Show me

Circe 2: Opulent

The dogs begin to smell Her delightful scent Where did I take her, what’s my intent? She’s locked away deeply She can’t escape The bars squeal highly, as her fingernails

Let Her

Let her see me struggling over here Let her enter my gracious soul sphere Let her feel my heartbeat so near Let her escape that pain in the clear Let

Once Time Returns

Goodnight dearest friend Maybe someday we’ll meet again When our weary souls stand tall And our alkaline tears don’t fall At least, not to the floor Because I promise I’ll

Lesser Brother

You’re the lesser brother Every single day Your heart so distracted By work or by play Your face is like Thanos Your breathe even worse You make me vomit You’re